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Course Handicaps and Playing Handicaps

Your Handicap Index is based on how your posted scores compare to the Course Rating of the tees you play, adjusted for the Slope Rating of the tees you play.

Tee Ratings.JPG

Your Course Handicap is calculated using your Handicap Index and the Slope Rating of the tees you will play. Then the Course Rating and Par for the tees you will play are used to produce a Course Handicap that will mean that when you play to your handicap, your net score will equal par.

Your Playing Handicap is the stroke allowance that you get based on the format of the competition. Since all Course Handicaps are calculated to produce a net score relative to Par, no Tee Adjustment is necessary when players compete from different tees.

We will use 100% for stroke play events.

For our Pink Ball and Net Best Ball events, each player will get 85%. For our Shamble, each player will get 70%.

WGH Allowances.JPG
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